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Your legal problems are extremely important and the Law Office of Mark Taylor understands that. Attorney Mark Taylor will personally explain to you your legal rights and options. As your attorney, I will guide you through the legal process and work diligently on your behalf. I am committed to providing you personalized attention and quality legal service. 

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Hurt in a car accident or other accident?

Do you need a will? 

Do you need to probate a will?

Do you need to do a succession?

Are you considering a divorce, child support or visitation?

Are you looking for alimony after your divorce?

Things To Know

WILL: A person's declaration of how he or she wishes to dispose of their property after their death.


If you prefer not to make a Will, you can leave it up to the court to distribute your property after you die according to the state's intestacy laws.

DIVORCE: A divorce is a court order which formally ends the legal marriage of spouses. 

Under District of Columbia law a spouse may petition the court for an absolute divorce or a legal separation for a period time followed by a divorce decree.

Did you know, today, for a divorce a spouse need not prove that the other spouse committed adultery or some other unsavory act?

CHILD SUPPORT: A sum the court orders one parent to pay for the child's basic living expenses which includes food, clothing, shelter, health care and education.

NURSING HOME ABUSE AND NEGLECT: (1) Nursing Home abuse implies that the care giver intends to harm the elderly person in some way.  Unfortunately, nursing home abuse can happen to any resident under the care of a licensed care facility. (2) Nursing Home neglect is a form of substandard care or a breach of duty by a licensed care facility or caregiver to the resident that causes harm to the resident.          


There are four types of Nursing Home neglect.  They are 1) Medical neglect where the nursing facility fails to adequately attend to the resident or prevent medical concerns of the resident; 2) Neglect of basic needs of the resident, that is, fails to provide the resident with a reasonable amount of water or food, or fails to provide a clean and safe environment; 3) Neglect of personal hygiene of the resident where the nursing facility does not provide adequate assistance with cleaning, brushing their teeth, laundry, bathing or other types of hygiene practices; and 4) The nursing facility neglect the social or emotional needs of the resident.  In other words, the staff members of the nursing facility repeatedly ignore the resident, leaves them alone, or an over stressed staff member yells at a resident.


PERSONAL INJURY & TORTS: Most of us recognize personal injury as involving an automobile accident, where one person is injured due to the careless driving of another person. Personal injury also involves negligent or intentional acts where one person harms another person either by accident or intentionally.

Whether you were injured or harmed because of someone's negligence or intentional act, under the civil law you may be entitled to recover damages caused by that person.

The purpose of personal injury and torts law is to provide relief to those who incurred damages because of someone's negligence or intentional act.

If you were injured or harmed by someone's wrong, you may sue for an injunction to stop the harm or for monetary damages. 

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Law Office of Mark Taylor


All materials presented on this website are for informational and educational purposes only. These materials are not legal advice. And they do not create a lawyer-client relationship. 

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Attorney Mark Taylor is focused on providing high-quality legal representation and customer satisfaction; and will do everything possible to meet your expectations. This law office is committed to working diligently to help you achieve the most positive results for your set of legal issues. 


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